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The picture shows one slice of a computed tomography of the thorax in axial slice position and in the lung window.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography is a cross-sectional imaging technique based on X-rays that is occasionally used in children.

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Computed tomography is used with restraint in pediatric radiology because of the radiation exposure, although, radiation exposure is being steadily reduced by increasingly modern technology. In some cases, however, CT is necessary. For example, for a more precise assessment of bone fractures, for the clarification of tumor diseases, diseases of the abdominal organs or the lungs. In many cases, the use of an intravenously applied iodine-containing contrast medium is necessary, e.g., to better see tumors or vessels. A CT examination takes only a few minutes.


No special preparation of your child for the CT scan is necessary. If no sedation or anesthesia has been arranged, your child does not need to be fasting.

In case of a planned application of a contrast agent, we require an up-to-date laboratory on the day of the examination to check the kidney values.