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The picture shows an X-Ray of the thorax.

Conventional X-Ray

Conventional radiographs are an important component of diagnostics in pediatric radiology for a variety of issues.

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Conventional X-rays are taken, among others, in cases of suspected bone fractures or to evaluate the lungs, e.g., in cases of suspected pneumonia. In addition, X-ray diagnostics are used for malformations or skeletal anomalies. X-rays of the left hand can be used to determine the age of bones in cases of tall or short stature.

Increasingly modern technology as well as special filters for children reduce radiation exposure to a minimum. For newborns and infants, special positioning devices are used to achieve optimal image quality with the lowest possible radiation exposure.

Taking an X-ray image takes only a few seconds. If you wish, you as parents can remain in the examination room during the examination. For this purpose, we will provide you with a special X-ray apron for protection. Occasionally, we may need your assistance in positioning your child. Unfortunately, we cannot allow pregnant accompanying persons to enter the examination room during the examination.


Usually, no special preparation of your child is necessary.